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    Drama Seminar has been done. The multiplier event is delivered. We had “250” participants from ...


Summer camp

This year the second time a summer drama club was organised in Orosháza, Hungary. In the camp the children play short stories, mime and gesture, they improvised. In the programme experienced leaders helped the pupils.

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Drama in the lessons

During the school year teachers tried to use creative drama in different lessons, especially in Literature, Grammar, Ethics and Social studies. In Literature lessons there are many possibilities to use drama.

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Talent day

For many years it has been a tradition in Orosháza, Hungary to organise a Talent day when talented primary and secondary pupils can perform in different fields. This year creative drama had an important role.

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Drama programme

The Hungarian primary school joined to a cross country programme. A cross country programme was organised in Hungary on 25 March 2015 which the Hungarian primary school joined.

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Irregular literature lesson

Every year an irregular literature lesson is held in the Hungarian primary school. It is a long time tradition that the lower graders of the Hungarian school hold an irregular literature lesson.

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In the Hungarian primary school a Christmas day was held in which the drama club showed improvisations in connection with Christmas. All the pupils of the school could enjoy this performance.

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