Drama in the lessons

During the school year teachers tried to use creative drama in different lessons, especially in Literature, Grammar, Ethics and Social studies.

In Literature lessons there are many possibilities to use drama. Firstly, pupils act out the story or a part of the story they are working on. Secondly they write a different end to the story and show it. ’Hot chair’ is very popular in the circle of children. One of them sits on the ’Hot chair’ playing the role of a character of the novel they are reading. The classmates ask questions and he/she has to answer them in the name of the character. It can be widen when the class play a trial with witnesses, defendants, lawyers.

Every year there are Grammar lessons in which we discuss about communication. These lessons give a wide range of choice to use creative drama. For example we talk about body language, mimes and gestures and pupils have to express different feelings, play situations without words.
In Ethics and Social studies lessons we talk about different moral questions. These lessons often start with a short story or a part of a film then students express their opinion in connection with the given situation. The collect the pros and cons of the solution, they solve the problem differently, finally they act it out.


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